Have you ever found yourself in the position where every time you start a new project or work on a new idea, you find particularly challenging to push yourself through the many obstacles and find the motivation needed to get things done?

If your answer is yes, well my dear friend…you’re not alone.

Many many people around the world struggle to stay motivated and focused on their goals, but if you want to become part of the “High Achievers” club, you need a plan B to apply whenever you’re feeling a lack of motivation.

So in this episode of ZenifeTv I’d like to share with you three tips to help you regain your motivation and move from that stagnant place of insecurity, self-doubt and frustration that you’re experiencing right now.

Now, I would love to hear from you.

What techniques do you use to keep yourself motivated on your goal-getting journey?

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[Full Transcript]

Hello guys, Luigi here. I hope you’re having an amazing day, if not I’m going to make it amazing for you, because today is a Q&A episode and the question comes from Sean and he writes: “Hi Luigi, I’m a 25 years old guy struggling to live my life on my own terms. Every time I begin an ambitious project with the best intention, I quickly get stuck in a ocean of insecurity and frustration. I lose motivation and never get things done. Do you have some tips to help me kick-ass my motivation and finally work hard to achieve my goals? Thanks for your help, Sean”.

Well Sean, I’m so grateful for your question because you are not alone. This is something that many many people struggle with, including me. You know, igniting our motivational fire to reach our goals requires a lot of energy and mental preparation. There are so many important tasks and things to handle on a daily bases that we get overwhelmed by the slow progresses that we make with our personal projects. And so we get upset, angry and frustrated because it seems that we cannot go further and move from where we are now to where we want to be, and you feel like you are wasting your time and your potential.

But you know what?

Feeling unmotivated it’s not the end of the world. It’s part of the big creation process of our goals. It’s part of the journey. It’s part of our identity as beautifully and imperfectly human beings. But what is important though is not letting our inactivation becoming the dream killer.

You must choose the best wood to keep alive your burning desire to live a free, creative, inspired and epic life. When working on your creative project, idea, or whatever it is, you must find out the best way to return to the same level of enthusiasm and excitement you experienced when starting out.

So guys, if you find difficult to stay engaged and motivated on an ambitious project, here are three tips to keep yourself motivated when you are not feeling it.

1) Remind yourself how powerful you are

Things mostly never go as planned. We could succeed at the first shot or end up into a total mess multiple times before having our part of glory. But what’s truly truly important in your journey towards your goals and dreams is not letting self-doubt and fear of failure become the forces that weaken your fire. Because the moment you allow your negative thoughts and circumstances take control over your life, you become a victim of yourself and demotivated to really stick with your goals when things get tough.

So the first step to get back on track and work harder on your goals is to remind yourself that you are the one who originally set that goal and decided to go after it.

You needed to stop complaining about everything and remember that You did want it. Nobody forced you to do it. It’s your project, it’s your idea and you have incredible power to overcome any frustration, self-doubt and problem. You are the only one in charge of your decisions.

If you decide to quit, take responsibility of the long-term consequences.

If you decide to keep moving forward, instead, take responsibility to work hard on your dream no matter what.

It won’t be a completely smooth sailing because life is unpredictable, but your motivation, productivity and focus will certainly improve.

2) Remind yourself often of the Why you do what you do

For any big goal that you are trying to achieve, being able to remind yourself and succinctly articulate why you do what you do can really motivate you to stay driven and focused on your winding path. Knowing the reason can motivate you to push through the many times when you simply want to quit and get caught up in negative thoughts like: “Would I fail? Could I make it work? Maybe I am a complete nut to think I can succeed at this at all!”

So whenever you need a good motivation boost to really follow through with a longer-term goal, literally sit down and remind yourself of the solid reason that convinced you to go after your goals and dreams.

Taking the time to explore the why you do what you do will help you reinvigorate, renew your focus and encourage you to continue working on your ideas, goals and projects.

And when you are not moved and inspired anymore by your initial reason, then it’s time to re-assess and articulate again why you do what you do from the ground up. Because sometimes the reason why you don’t give 100% every time is because you haven’t got a strong enough why for what you do!

Now sit down and go explore your why.

3) Don’t forget what you’ve already achieved

You’ve already come a long way. Just look back and marvel at all the extraordinary things you have already achieved and congratulate yourself for all your accomplishments. Big and long-term goals take multiple steps to attain and strong perseverance, therefore, pat yourself on the back and then go back to work, because that’s how you beat the frustration for slow progress toward a goal.

Sometimes we are so obsessed by what we could do and be that we don’t fully enjoy the real beauty and soul-stirring feeling of going after something you love.

So anytime you need to get a boost of motivation to regain the energy and focus you need to go back working on your idea, goal or project just use these three tips to sail from the ocean of insecurity to a land of inspiration and infinite possibilities.

So guys I hope you found this video helpful, but now I’d like to hear from you: “What techniques do you use to keep yourself motivated on your goal-getting journey?” Share your tips, thoughts and experience on the blog where the best discussions happen. Leave a comment there.

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