How to be happy.

That is sooo sooooo sooooooo cliché.

As human beings we ultimately want to be happy, but very few of us dig deep enough to see what’s happiness is all about…what we can actually do to live a happier and positive life.

Happiness is a mysterious thing. It is not a science and it is not an art. There is not a precise way or specific techniques you can use to turn on the happiness button. Seeking happiness is a very long journey made both of important life choices and small daily life wins. In the past few years my life has been a total hurricane and keeping my happiness level high, well…it hasn’t been always easy. So in today’s video I want to share with you four things that helped me (and still helps me) to boost my moods giving me that feeling of lightness, determination, invincibility and excitement that I love to call: Happiness.

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How to be happy.


Hello everyone, it’s Luigi here. How are you guys doing?

In today’s video I’m going to be talking about happiness.

There are actually hundreds of videos on Youtube on how to be happy and stay positive, so why should you watch this video, today?

Here’s the why.

If you don’t watch this video till the end, and If you don’t subscribe. I WILL look for you. I WILL pursue you. I WILL find you and I will force you to have a stupid smile on your face for the rest of your days.

Happiness is a common goal that everyone hopes to achieve during our lifetime. But sometimes it seems unachievable because life gets constantly hit by unpredictable events, loading you with anxiety, sadness, pressure, depression, anger and other negative emotions that can really stir you off your path and make you question everything.

Right now, I’m going through a very fragile and delicate life phase. It relates to my personal life, to who I truly am. I don’t want to tell publicly what’s going on yet, but the situation that I’m actually living right now is not easy at all, and feeling happy and staying positive all the time is so damn hard.

But I do my best to keep my mood high because life is short and you need to live it to the fullest. So in this video I want to share with you what I do to be happy and stay positive when I feel low.

Enjoy the little things in life

We often take for granted the gold we already have. We uselessly stress and get overwhelmed by the humongous amount of things that we need to get done by the end of the day because we are too focused on becoming cool, successful, big, and famous. And then when we are laying in bed ready to fall asleep we start to analyze our whole day. We brood about our decisions and complain in our own head about the goals and dreams we didn’t achieve in those 24 hours.

But an important thing that I’ve learned about life is that even if everything seems to be against us, we need to look on the bright side because not everything is bad and catastrophic and evil.

We need to be grateful and enjoy even the smallest thing in our life.

Happiness is about enjoying the sounds of the sea splashing against the rocks.

Happiness is dancing like no one is watching, because actually, no one is, when your favourite jam comes on.

Happiness is losing yourself into a great book.

Happiness is taking a power nap on a super lazy Sunday afternoon.

Be grateful for what you have and for where you are in life because there are many people out there who are way less fortunate than you.

Love who you are

Congratulate yourself for the man or woman you are becoming. Grant yourself a moment of piece and silence. Close the doors to negative people and surround yourself with positive, smart and funny human beings.

Do small or big acts of love towards yourself. Read inspirational stories. Get motivated by your favorite authors, entrepreneurs, speakers by watching and reading content online. Do whatever you feel good and it’s healing for you body and soul. Just love yourself, and everything else will fall into place.

Go out. Explore. Get your hands dirty.

It’s so easy to get caught in your room or home office all the time. I know your life is pretty busy, but even in those 10 minutes of free time just try to not get stuck on a blue screen. Take your ass off the couch and go enjoying the park on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Take a bike ride around, hang out with some friends, do a diy and create something. Give your creativity permission to express itself in all its facets.

Life is short guys and it’s better to remind yourself that it can get taken in a second.

Boom! And your life is gone. We don’t think about it a lot, but we should start doing more often. We are non invincible and life is unpredictable, so be safe and careful but enjoy your life as much as you can possibly can.

Don’t watch the news

Personally I do NOT watch the news. Many people say that it’s ignorant to not watch the news. But the truth is that it’s such a smart move. You’ll save a lot of time by not listening to all the super B.S. the medias publicises 24/7 through the newspapers and TV.

Medias are filled with this never ending negativity and they never stop. So why should I watch it? Why should you watch it? You already have your problems, you already have your shitty things in your life, so why bothering about these things?

And anyway, If something important happens in the world, you’ll find out.

So, if you want to stay sane and happy and positive, stop watching the news, do something that actually better the world and watch instead something that makes you laugh until your abdominal muscles hurt.

Life is supposed to be fun.

Don’t worry about the future or stress about the past. Have fun with your life.

Don’t take everything too seriously and always try to enjoy the process of getting what you want and overcoming your problems one step at a time.

Fun and joy are at the core of living a happy life. So, do regularly things just for fun and fulfillment. Make time for activities that make you feel alive. Nurture your hobbies, your desires and your vocations for the sake of happiness, away from professional obligations and money.

You see life has its high points and very low low LOOOOOOW points. There isn’t a constant variable where you know for certain that tomorrow and next month everything will be cool and amazing. You can’t predict what’s going to happen, either good or bad. Life sometimes is amazing, and other times can be a total mess. Other times is made up of “WOW” factors while sometimes it’s just “meeeeh”. But no matter what happens, life is amazing and you should do whatever it’s in your power to be happy.

Because there isn’t a quick fix, there is no magic pill that you can take to feel immediately happy. All you need to do is to fight back when life’s gonna throw crap at you and start to accept the things you can’t change.

Start to remove “I’ll be happy when…” from your vocabulary. Start to appreciate the things in your life to the fullest. Start to enjoy the experiences. Start to change your perspective and be interested in everything. Start to value what’s really important, and let the pointless things be pointless. Start to work on something that matters.

This is all I can tell you about happiness based on my life experience and I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it useful. I hope this really helps you out and keeps you going on your journey.

Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you can found all the links in the description and let me know in the comments below: what is the smallest thing in your life that makes you happy. It may be a bird singing after a raining day. It may be a kiss. It may be watching your favourite show…just let me know what it is by leaving a comment.

As always thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Peace to the world.

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