“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail, than to attempt nothing and succeed.” ~ Robert H. Schuller

Taking risks is always freaking terrifying!!! Who’s not scared on EARTH to take risks and jump towards the unknown?  


C’mon…don’t fake it. You are afraid too, and it’s normal. Being afraid to take a big or small risk is not as easy as it may sound, but if you want to move towards your goals, dreams and find the right path in life you have to necessarily make risky decisions now or then.

Hope this video will help you someway to gain a bit more of confidence in yourself so that you will finally have the courage to go forward in pursuing your dreams.


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Let’s talk about risk taking for a moment.

Is it better to take risk or to wait and see how things turn out?

You see, life is unpredictable. You’ll never know the outcome of an action unless you try, experiment and move through your own life by taking a leap of faith after a leap of faith after a leap of faith. Life is risky because everything we do involves some sort of risk.

Choosing which colleges to apply to is a major risk. Moving to another city is a risk. Moving to a foreign country is a major, major risk. Going out to a date is a risk. Starting your first business is a risk. Working forever as an employee is a risk. When you decide to hang out with your friend without taking a shower is a humongous risk. When you decide to quit your job and take a new leap of faith is a risk.

But taking risks is an essential part of personal and professional growth, even if all the self-help gurus may sound too cheesy when they encourage you to be a risk-taker in their pump-up-speeches.

Risk is, by nature, fucking scary. It’s unfamiliar, uncomfortable, unpredictable and beyond your control. You may lose your life savings or have a lifetime or humiliation and criticism. You give up what you know for the unknown, for what might be. But taking risks opens you up to new ideas, opportunities, experiences and allows you to make things happen rather than waiting for them to happen to you. Taking risks allows you to grow and discover new things about yourself, your dreams and aspiration and to develop what you need to succeed in life.

But most importantly, risk allows you to conquer your fears.


Go for the Big life-changing risk, you MUST step up to the challenge now, otherwise, you may find yourself living a life that bores you, that has no colours, shapes and dynamics.

So, how can we take more risks in life?

Here’s what I do. I think about the risk. I take a sip of confidence every single day. I make small steps each and every single day towards the risk and when is time to jump in, I take a deep breath and jump and trust that if my plan fails I will still be OK.

The fact is, if you do nothing in your life, the occupation on your Certificate of Death will be Couch Potato.

Don’t be afraid of the risk, be afraid of what will happen if you do NOTHING.

Make sure that you’re always striving for something great, and if you have the right amount of courage and perseverance, and a bit of luck, you might actually achieve something great to get a long written paragraph in the history books.


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