I asked myself this question so many times, and almost 1 BILLION people wake up each morning with this same question too.

Society has kind of convinced us that our differences in sexuality, ideas, religious beliefs, colour of the skin are our greatest weakness. But the truth is that our differences are what make human race so incredibly colourful, joyful, caring and compassionate.

You need your “differences” to add more love to this world, to get involved into important conversations, to challenge the status-quo, to conquer your fear of expression and to fully celebrate who you really are.

Living an ordinary life and pretending to be normal is BORING. You are a DIVERGENT. Divergent means DIFFERENT. We all are Divergent. You are unique and you create your own path in life.
Being different may be scary sometimes because everyone is always going to judge you based on stupid considerations, but WHO CAREEEEEES, right?

Live your life, everything is secondary.
Hope you like this video.

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This video is dedicated to those who don’t fit in, to people who feel different from everyone else. To the divergent.

I don’t know if you have ever read the Divergent trilogy or watched the movies. Basically, there are these people living in a post-apocalyptic Chicago where all sixteen-year-olds every year must select one of the five faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives after taking an aptitude test. But then there are the factionless, the divergent, the people who don’t belong to any of the factions because they belong to the entire world. The divergent are defined dangerous, a threat against humanity and the balance of society, because they are not ordinary.

Ordinary…that’s how we are all living right now.

An ordinary job. An ordinary life. An ordinary sexuality. An ordinary faith. An ordinary relationship. An ordinary talent. An ordinary family. An ordinary friendship. An ordinary education. An ordinary childhood. An ordinary business idea. An ordinary vacation.

I am sick and tired of living in this fake reality where everything must be according to the schemes.

Fuck off to the ordinary. And you should say it too, because the idea of living an ordinary life is poisonous.

Being different is not something you should be ashamed of. Don’t matter if you feel different for your disabilities, or because you are gay, introvert or too creative for a stupid boring job.

You must understand that your particular characteristics are not synonym to weakness. Your stupid, crazy, audacious ideas are not worthless. Your sexual orientation is not everybody business, be proud of who you are.

You are not your mother, you are not your father. You are not your degree. You are not your faith. You are not your job. You are just YOU.

What’s the meaning of living an ordinary life when you actually possess all the skills and characteristics and talents to be extraordinary?

Fitting in is the opposite of being yourself. It leaves you sick inside. Throw away the beliefs installed in your mind that ordinary is cool and cozy and safe.

Fuck that.

Many artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and other world-changers were always different from the people that surrounded them. They often felt excluded from the “popular” kids group at school, because they looked and thought differently, but in their differences they had the courage to take the risk of being judged, the determination of overcoming challenges in order to move ahead and the resilience of someone who never gives up. They’ve put their ideas and voices out into the wild world and turned their differences into their strength.

So, my dear friend, be who you truly are. Stand up for your values, for what you believe in. Be daring. Be different Be impractical. Be divergent, and make this life worth living because it’s the only one you’ve got.

Peace to the world.

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