My dear, I know how you’re feeling right now because you’re reading yourself. 

Yes, I am YOU and I’m 100% sure that you desperately need to get back up from your insecurities.

Every single day we face together so many hardships that, when the sun goes down, we are scared to fall asleep alone in the impervious darkness of our room, because frighted and anxious of the unpredictability and uncertainty of tomorrow. And you lay in your bed awake, for hours and hours, thinking about how you could have done things differently.
I know, sometimes life seems to make fun of you, to fool you and it shows up like an unpredictable coin toss. It makes you taste the thrill of a victory and deceptively makes you believe that everything is finally going to be fantastic and magical. 

But then, when less expected, life tears you off all the joys, the rewards, and achievements in a fraction of a second. With no reason. 

“Puff” and you have to start all over again. From collecting and putting the broken pieces of your life back together to understanding why that has happened to you.

And here’s the moment where, most of the time, you decide to give up. To leave everything you’ve fought for and conquered with your sweat and blood to the violent laws of chaos.

But please, don’t do it.  

Don’t lose your faith. Don’t lose your hope and don’t abandon yourself in the middle of your own epic adventure. Don’t hide behind your tears and pain, instead let’s fight together for what we want.
I know…it ain’t easy to keep going. I know it’s pulling you apart, but please, don’t leave me alone.

Don’t leave me here alone to face everything and everyone in this wild world.  I need you. You need me and we can make it easy if we lift each other in dark times.

You know, difficulties and struggle won’t last forever, because time is dynamic. Life is dynamic. It’s not supposed to stay the same. It’s ever evolving and changing with all its ups and downs.
There will be same bad days, good days and in between days.  

Sometimes you’ll lose your way and you’ll try as hard as you can to keep yourself sane. But just know that I’ll be there every day for you and that I got you. I will support you and push you to fulfill your potential. I will help you to gain the strength to let things that don’t deserve our energy go.

I know for a fact that we will mess things up numerous times, but you see…at least we can say that we are trying to live our life to the fullest.  

You owe it to yourself to build your own epic life.

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