TALKERS VS DOERS, and endless battle…

I deeply believe that success is all about trying and doing and repeating hundreds of times until you finally get where you want to be. That vision, that idea imprinted in your mind must be the narrating voice of the story of the life you’re going to live. It’s an adventure that requires not only determination but also boldness.

Boldness that so many people lack these days. And it’s not only about going after their dreams, but it’s also about expressing your feelings for someone you like or standing up for your ideals and values.

It seems that these days people are just great at talking. They talk about their ideas. They talk about their careers. They talk about their loved ones. They talk about their cars. They talk, talk and talk, but at the end they are “wishy-washy”. No texture, no flavours, no emotions.

I define them as Talker Champions. The gold medalist of the most boring, monotonous, flat life imaginable.

Furthermore, talkers make you feel like the “One and Only”, and then they drop the disappointment bomb when less expected. They never take something seriously or get something done.

What I’ve learned from my own experiences is that talkers just talk, while doers do things that get talked about.

If you want to live an Epic Life, you must know the difference between Talkers and Doers. Which one are you? Watch today’s video and let me know in the comments.

Peace to the world.

[Full Transcript]

I remember watching this interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in which he gives an advice to those same guys who ask: “How can I get huge like you? Tell me your secrets!”

He said: “Well, go to the gym every day for the next 20 years and work out tirelessly 4 hours a day.”

That’s it. If you want a body like The Rock, just hit the gym BAM BAM BAM. Anybody can do it.

The problem is that the 99% of people don’t commit to what they say because, when it comes to talking, everyone is a champion.

When it comes to reality, instead, very few people do what’s truly necessary to be a REAL champion in whatever they want to do.

You may have a revolutionary idea or a great product, but if you don’t execute it…if you lack the ability to transform what’s in your mind, well it remains an idea or it remains a great product without customers.


What matters most is the ability to make the invisible visible. Even if you perfectly know what you need to do, all the strategies, the networking, the meetings, the mentors and this and that and that, at the end doing is another kind of story. Taking an abstract idea and manufacturing it into existence is what makes people stand out from the crowd and also very very rich.

You have to be a doer and work so hard that your neighbours will actually think that you are under house arrest, because you do not know what “quitting” means, you just keep going, going and going until you get what you really want.

If you live your life just thinking, dreaming, and planning – well you fall behind. When you don’t take any action, you are making a choice to stay where you currently are. Instead, when you take the plunge and take a risk, you give yourself a chance to progress and move forward.

By being a doer you really begin to understand what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. You’re experiencing, growing and finally doing something.

By being a doer you don’t just think about the future, you build it, you shape it and you feel it.

Don’t be a talker champion, instead be a Doer Champion.

Peace to the world.

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