Yoooooo GUYS, Luigi here.

How are you doing?

This video is meant to help you realize that no matter which are the positive and negative aspects of being GAY, you should always strive to live your life authentically.


No matter what if you are homosexual, lesbian, bisex, asexual and so on…the most important thing to is to know who they are, what you stand for, what you like and dislike and to be confident in your own skin and with your values. Be “unapologetically yourself” and you’ll realize that life’s hardships have very little power over your happiness, strength and love.

Love y’all.

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What’s up guys, It’s Luigi here.
How’s everybody doing?

In today’s video I want to share with you the worst and best part of being gay.

Most of you who are still living in the closet for a wide range of reasons think that coming out will be a total disaster. Probably yes and probably not. Who knows?
There may be some circumstances holding you back from publicly coming-out such us, conservative super-religious parents, or your group of friends, or your job…No doubts. Coming-out may turn out really positive for some and really negative for others. Not all gay people share a similar experience. Some of us can live fairly peaceful lives, others may encounter some difficulties. But despite of what’s your situation, don’t let it define YOU and YOUR HAPPINESS.

Speaking as a gay bad boy…

For me being an openly gay man just means living with that incredible sense of personal freedom, because you can be exactly yourself.

In fact, I think that the hardest things about being not-openly gay is the perpetual anxiety of keeping sane and sounding sane in every conversation. Basically, you live a lie. Your whole life is a lie and you pretend to be something you’re not. And it sucks.
It’s living with the fear someone finding out you’re gay and not knowing how they will react. If they’re going to accept you or worse disown you. It’s a scary thing because every coming out story is different so you don’t know how you can handle your situation, especially when friends and family say unnecessarily homophobic things not knowing you are one and you feel like an undercover spy infiltrating in a hetero camp.

Another thing that I hate about being gay is the Dating World.
When I log into Grinder 60% of people have no photo, and includes engaged and married straight men and fuckboys. The remaining 39% is made of over 50s. And maybe just 1% is made of guys you are really interested to meet. But then, when you start dating and you really really really like him, he says: “Oh gosh, I’m really confused and I don’t know what to do”. Like if this has ever happened to you.
So, dating and getting a decent relationship for gay men is harder than straight dudes.

Next thing I hate is when people ask: “How do you know you’re gay?”

“Are you sure?”
Seriously? Are you questioning my own certainty of my sexual orientation?
It’s none of your damn business.

There’s no life phase where you are confused about how you sexually identify yourself. Gay or straight, you just feel it. It’s part of who you are and there’s no way you can get confused about it. NO WAY.
Best part of being gay? No pregnancy scares.
We are literally helping SAVE THE EARTH because the world population is out of control.
So we have introduced a new method called GBC: Gay Birth control. BOOM!

Jokes apart, The best part of being gay is when you realize it is perfectly okay to be gay. After overcoming the challenge of coming out and accepting yourself, it seems that almost any other challenge in life feels easy in comparison. It’s easier to be yourself and to express your ideas and opinions.

I’m really lucky to have a family who accepts me for who I am and I want you guys to know that if you aren’t ready to come out, well don’t freak yourself out because it takes time, it takes confidence and you’ll feel when it’s the right time. But the most important thing is to never think that being gay is wrong. Be proud of who you are, be proud of your roots, be proud of how you feel. There’s nothing wrong with that. I promise you everything will get better.

I’m now at a point where I am happy with who I am and I am also super thankful for the people that came before me and risked so much to be out in a time when it was for more physically and socially dangerous to do so.

I love being gay, I love being who I am and I hope I don’t ever turn straight or something.

So guys, thanks for watching. Let me know in the comments what is your personal perspective of being gay. If you liked this video please be sure to hit that subscribe button so you guys can get a notification every time a new video is live. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook you can find the links below.

Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see next time.
Peace to the world.

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